Splashy's: a family-run recreational centre and farm

Celebrating 30 years! Est. 1989

Splashy's follows the Red Cross educational curriculum and is the only other swimming school in the town of Bradford, aside from the Bradford Leisure Centre, that is inspected and approved by the Simcoe Muskoka Health Department. Although we are a small operation, Splashy's meets and exceeds all health and safety requirements as any other large community centre is required to do so.

2019 Fees and Class sizes:

Class size is important and that's why beginner levels have very condensed numbers. As kids get progress, they will need less and less hands-on instruction. Groups consist of 4 students in a beginner levels (preschool levels and up to level 3 of the swim kids levels), up to 5 students in level 4, and up to 6 students in levels 5+. Group classes need a minimum of 3 enrolled to proceed. 

- Condensed group (40min): $160+HST
- Semi-private (2 in class) (30 min): $220+HST
- Private lesson, one-on-one (30 min): $300+HST
- Parent/tot group (30 min): $105+HST

Fees based on 9 classes

Note on terms:
any child who may have a hard time being separated from a parent. We recommend children under the age of 4 to be placed in a parent/tot. Children who are 3 years of age may be included in a regular class on a case-by-case basis (if they are braver and more independent than the average 3 year old). Parent/tot consists of learning to float, do basic kicking and doggy paddle, and getting comfortable in the water.

Little fishies: sea otter, salamander, sunfish (children aged 4-6) – still learning to float, glide through the water, swim on front with head up doing doggy paddle for 5m, and kick on one's back for 5m. Children aged 3 may be accepted on a case by case basis (i.e. if they are particularly brave, independent, or if they've done parent/tot previously)

Brave fishies:
high level sunfish, crocodile, whale (children aged 4-6) – can swim on front with head up doing doggy paddle and on one's back at least a short distance (5m or more). Class is geared towards transitioning from a doggy paddle to front crawl. A crocodile or whale level in the preschool program is roughly the equivalent of swim kids level 2 and 3. 

Levels 1-10Students begin these levels when they are 7 years of age or older (or at least close to 7). 

Winter 2019 - The winter session will consist of 9 classes over 11 weeks

March break: ​There will be no class between Friday March 8th and Sunday March 24th due to an extended March break for 2 weeks.

Note on snow/ice days: In the event of significant snow or ice, class will be cancelled and a make-up offered on the following Monday, if available, if class is held during a weekday. If class is regularly held on a Saturday, a make-up class will be held on the following Sunday, if available. There will be no other make-up days or partial refunds if class is cancelled due to snow and/or ice.

Information will be gathered from available forecasts and will mostly follow the school bus cancellations for the Bradford/Simcoe County region. 

Tuesdays – February 5th to April 16th

Wednesdays – February 6th to April 17th

Thursdays – February 7th to April 18th

 Fridays (plus 3 Mondays) – February 8th to April 15th
-No class Friday February 15th (Family Day); make-up Monday February 25th
-No class Friday March 8th (March break); make-up Monday March 4th
-No class Friday April 19th (Good Friday); make-up Monday April 15th

Saturdays (plus 3 Sundays) – February 9th to April 14th
-No class Saturday February 16th (Family Day); make-up Sunday February 24th
-No class Saturday March 9th (March break); make-up Sunday March 3rd
-No class Saturday April 20th (Easter); make-up Sunday April 14th